We are a group of gamers who happen to be girls who want to play with other girls on xbox live. Do not assume that we feel like we are special because we have vaginas and and xbox. This blog is for girls who play xbox and want to meet other girls to play xbox with. Guys are welcome as well, just keep the requests for sandwiches outta here. But no really, we are girls, we love xbox and we just want to get a good group of other girls (and guys) together to play.

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Well dang, aren’t yall original.

Well dang, aren’t yall original.

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    why do some girls think theyre one in a million because they play video games wtf stupid dykes
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    omg people like this make NO SENSE.
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    i bet ur parents r proud of their special snowflakes!!!1
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    kill it with fire
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    what the fuck are you even doing oh my god 911 we have an emergency special snowflake on the loose
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